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Let Down Your Stresses
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A deeper massage on stress points, a soothing facial “sauna,” the careful removal of stress blemishes (one tends to get them when frazzled), and a tingling, tenderizing arm-hand-&-foot scrub deliver you to a state of blissful skinvana. It’s a dream holiday without the airfare. Flit, flutter, float far, far away to a full 90 minutes “skin heaven.”

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Gift Skintificates may be used for other facials or services of equivalent value.

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 Your “dew” diligence.

Quiet, private, soothing –– a perfect “pause, please!” to your daily hustle & bustle –– each Vx Facial leaves you in a state of blissful skintoxication. And because they were expertly created and are regularly reviewed by boarded dermatologists at our VMV Skin Research Centre + Clinics, this bliss is as safe and effective as can be. Each Vx Facial is specifically designed to work with … indeed to bring out the very best of … your VMV regimen, creating a VMVirtuous cycle of purify > clarify > vivify.