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Use Monolaurin & VCO on Your Nose

With new bugs and superbugs, we’re looking for more ways to prevent infection. Improving our nutrition and overall well being is important. Some classic best practices include frequent and proper hand washing, upping your use of hand sanitizer, and wiping down surfaces with alcohol or bleach. But while alcohol isn’t an allergen, it is drying and all that sanitation can cause skin problems, particularly on your hands.


How To Apply Skincare In The Right Order

Which Comes First, The Toner Or The Lotion? What if I have a treatment cream and a moisturizer ... which goes first? We share a simple rule for applying skincare products in an order that maximizes the benefits of each one!


Why You Should Give Up On Makeup Removing Wipes

Makeup removing wipes are neat and quick… but for sensitive or acne-prone skin, they may not be worth the downsides. For sensitive skin, residue is a resi-“don’t.” Wipes cannot clean as well as makeup removers or cleansers, and usually leave residue. In addition to the acne/irritation risk, this residue normally includes leftover dirt.


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