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Grand Passage
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The Mauretania and Aquitania may have ruled the great age of ocean travel. They may have been high society at sea, THE places to be seen. But if it’s not just being seen but also making a scene and feeling serene that you’re keen on, there’s nothing like sailing away on our S.S. Bliss: The “Dew”itania.

This pampering package is the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees, the ne plus ultra of care, and features our most premium procedures, or a comprehensive season of your choice of Vx Facials & Services. 

Book yourself on this Grand Passage for a possibly epic, definitely transformative journey from darling to divine, clear to crystal, charming to disarming. Board as you are. Disembark blissfully skinebriated. This is your first-class ticket out of the mire of the daily mucky-muck –– with skin-perfecting points of call –– into the wide open seas of serious me time.

We’re not ashamed to say it: this is an I-deserve-this, spoil-me-rotten “odysskin” into bliss. And may we be the first of many to say, “Dahling, you look mah-velous!”

Note: Our "Gift Skintificates" come with an extra treat...10% Off VMV Products, and 25% Off Facials purchased on the day of the facial!

Gift Skintificates may be used for other facials or services of equivalent value.

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Applicable Facial

Youth, The Whole Youth & Nothing But The Youth
The ultimate anti-aging facial. Our Vx-original Intensive Collagen and Elastin Infusion formula (plus our strengthening, high protein mask) helps renew skin’s softness, tensile strength and elasticity: our most up-lifting service. 

For those days that call for a little something extra, customize with Skin Additions!

Your “dew” diligence.

Quiet, private, soothing –– a perfect “pause, please!” to your daily hustle & bustle –– each Vx Facial leaves you in a state of blissful skintoxication. And because they were expertly created and are regularly reviewed by boarded dermatologists at our VMV Skin Research Centre + Clinics, this bliss is as safe and effective as can be. Each Vx Facial is specifically designed to work with … indeed to bring out the very best of … your VMV regimen, creating a VMVirtuous cycle of purify > clarify > vivify.