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Clinically-validated, 100% organic virgin coconut oil.

Cold-first-pressed, certified organic virgin coconut oil. Smart, comprehensive care in an incomparable moisturizer abundant in skin-adoring, saturated fatty acids and
medium-chain triglycerides.

Soothing, calming, deeply hydrating...almost too many make-it better benefits to list for all skin types, even very sensitive skins.


Non-greasy: soaks in quickly with no sticky afterfeel.

Published clinical studies (on this oil in particular).


V-H Rating

VH -109/109

sans all common allergens: NACDG + ESSCA

100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance-Free.

100% Dye-Phthalate-Additive-Paraben + Preservative-Free. Usage, Patch + Clinically Tested (in vivo + in vitro; double-blind, randomized).

Non-Comedogenic. For All Skin Types, even very sensitive skins. For Women, Men, Children 0+.


Click here to read more about our VH Rating System

To Use

Massage as needed over face, body, and hair. Ask your doctor about other possible uses.


Virgin coconut oil naturally “butters” in temperatures below 76°F (24°C). When solid, scoop out and use as normal (it melts on contact with skin), or place bottle in warm water until oil reliquefies.

Before using any product, test a tiny amount of it (we omit allergens, but you may be sensitive to an ingredient that is not an allergen). Introduce new products one at a time — with at least 3 days in between — to make sure you are not allergic. Do not store in extreme heat or cold, or in direct sunlight. Do not (re)introduce removed portions of product, water or other substances into product. As with all things skin, consult your dermatologist.


For external use only on specified areas as directed. Stop use and consult your doctor in the unlikely event of discomfort or sensitivity. If contact with eyes occurs, flush out with water. Keep out of reach of children. While safe for its intended use, ingesting large amounts of this product may cause loose stools.


Organic (Yuki Shokunin)
Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil).


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rachel m.
Philippines Philippines
Loving know it all

taught it will be a messy and itchy to my skin But truely it works undeniably Its like magic Traps the moisture unto my skin Skin so pure, subtle, soft, moist Perfectly for my normal to dry skin Cant wait for another bottle. Cheers for my younger fresher looking skin Happy and loving it oil

Diola M.
Philippines Philippines
The one I’ve been looking for all my life

I’ve heard about VCO and it’s benefit on the skin but I’m quite skeptic so I purchased the smallest bottle. I have dry skin and usually apply thick lotions in the morning just to remedy it. I also apply thinner lotion every night. I tried substituting this product to my evening lotion and it worked wonders on my skin. It hydrates and gives me that natural glow. It’s now part of my daily skincare routine and I just purchased the biggest bottle available.

Evangeline H.
Philippines Philippines

I really love using this know it all oil as my hands get flaky at the end of the day after all the hand washing I do. I put it on my hands and leave it overnight and in the morning my hands are pretty again. I love that it’s not sticky.

Joann G.
Philippines Philippines
Thank you, KIO!

KIO is an all-around oil for me. I use it as moisturizer after bathing. Especially when going out, I use it for disinfection of my hands, face, nose, and sometimes bags and stuff. It never feels sticky and oily. It instantly removes the itchiness in my nostrils! I know it truly works!

Ammi P.
Philippines Philippines
All around oil!

Took me so long to buy one.. i finally did just recently and now regretting why i kept putting off purchasing this amazing product! I use it on my face as an alternative moisturizer, on my hands as lotion, on my hair to tame frizz!

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