Elation Papaya & Pineapple Skin-Lightening Soap


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Lightens and moisturizes skin naturally. Leaves skin clean and supple.
Papaya, a botanical skin lightener, gently and naturally lightens skin tone by shades. Pineapple, a natural skin softener, hydrates skin. Invigorates and moisturizes skin as it lightens. No clogged pores. Safe for use as often as necessary.

To Use:

In the shower or bath, lather and massage on body skin (not the face). For facial cleansing try any of our cream cleansers.
NOTE: While this product and all its ingredients have been patch tested, if you have very sensitive skin, please use our Essence Skin-Saving Body + Bath products.

VH Rating:

VH - 26
Usage + Patch-tested. For All Skin Types.*
100% Phthalate, Paraben + Preservative-Free.
Usage + Patch-tested. Non-Comedogenic.
For Men and Women, 18+.
*For very sensitive or atopic skin, use Essence.

3.17Oz. (90g)