Instant, No-Rinse, Hypoallergenic Brush Cleaner

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This product is part of our Going, Glowing Gone campaign. Product "expires" (its sell-by date is) July 2021. To learn more about "expiration", check out our FAQ on Sell By and Expiration Dates or the article Do Cosmetics Expire? on InSKIN. All our Going, Glowing Gone products are in excellent condition for use.

A uniquely skin-and-bristle safe, instant, no-rinse brush cleaner.

Gentle enough to keep our hypoallergenic Skintelligent Beauty Brushes soft, in shape and in top form ... while helping to prevent bumps, discomfort and other skin problems from irritants or allergens in some soaps or other cleaners. With antioxidant green tea + coconut-derived monolaurin.